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Free MAC Lipstick

Join Quidco today and get yourself a lipstick from MAC worth up to £15 for FREE! Just click on the link below, purchase your product on Fragrance Direct Website and they will add £15 bonus to your new Quidco account by the 29th January to cover the cost!

Free Bobbi Brown Skin Serum

Book a How To at your nearest Bobbi Brown Studio or counter and pick up a FREE sample of the new Remedies collection (while stocks last).

Free Hand Cream (Cath Kidston)

Expert Home Tips are giving you the chance to get Cath Kidston's Hand Cream for FREE! Just click on the link below and fill out your details to register your interest.

Free Cat Food (Royal Canin)

Royal Canin are giving out 400g of its Royal Canin Feline Range Cat Food for FREE! To claim this freebie, just click on the link below and fill out the form.

Free Workshop (Pets at Home)

Find FREE workshops for you and your children at your local Pets at Home store. Their workshops help teach children how rewarding pets can be and how to care for them. They also offer a fun filled set of activities that include products and pets for a hands on approach to pet care.

Free 2017 Calendar (Angilian Water)

For a limited time only, Angilian Water are giving away FREE Potting Shed Club 2017 calendars to giveaway when you order your free water saving garden kit. Packed full of monthly tips to help you save water throughout the year and make your garden look blooming marvellous! Visit the link below and click "Get Kit" to see if you're eligible to receive one.

Free Clothing Waterproofer (Nikwax Polar Proof)

You want to keep warm in winter and a fleece garment provides lightweight but effective insulation, especially when outdoors. The solution? Nikwax Polar Proof! Get one for FREE by answering a short quiz in the link below!

Free Dog Food (Harrison Drake)

If you're interested in trying Harrison Drake pet food, but have a fussy pooch, why not get in touch with Harrison Drake for a FREE sample! Their grain free, hypoallergenic dog food is a vet approved, very gentle formula, making it ideal for all dogs, and especially for dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies.

Free Pink Knit Mittens (NEXT)

Need new mittens? Get a cute Pink Popcorn Knit Mittens from Next for FREE (Worth £10) with TopCashBack! Just sign up from the link below, search for item number 741970 on Next's website and TopCashBack will give you a full refund!

Free Foundation (Bourjoirs)

Give your skin a radiance boost with Bourjois%u2019 Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation %u2013 made from a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula for an even complexion and an instant anti-fatigue result! You can get one for FREE by clicking the link below and explain why you need to try the product in the comment section!

Free Brooklyn American Ale

Mr Hyde has teamed up with Brooklyn Brewery to celebrate Super Bowl LI by delivering cases of American Ale right to the doors of 50 thirsty football fans. Just fill out your details in the link below for your chance to win.

Free Wrinkle Filler (Soap & Glory)

Dab The Fill Monty Instant Wrinkle Filler on as, where, and when needed to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles. With VIRTUAL RETOUCHING TECHNOLOGY and FROZONE, you can see it work in SECONDS! Get one for FREE with TopCashBack! Just click on the link below, purchase the product on Boots' site and TopCashBack will give you a full refund!

Free NUK Bottle

Not 100% sure that a NUK Bottle is right for your baby? NUK are offering you a chance to try the best selling First Choice 150ml Bottle with a 0-6 months silicone teat completely FREE! Just click on the link below and fill out your details.

Free Rice Dream Milk

MyDairyFreeDream wants you to try their delicious Rice Dream milk for FREE! All you have to do is purchase the milk at your nearest outlet and send the receipt to their website explaining why you're not satisfied with the milk to get your full refund.

Free Baby Wipes (Aldi)

Freebies for babies! Grab yourself a pack of two Aldi Mamia New-Born Nappies, Size 1 and a pack of 24 Aldi Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes for FREE! Just click on Netmum's site on the link below and fill out the form.

Free Foundation and Concealer (Clinique)

Clinique are giving out free 10 day samples of its Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer for FREE! Just click on the link below and fill out your email to download the voucher which can be claimed at your nearest Clinique counter.

Free Passport Photos

You can now take your own passport photos and get them printed for FREE! Just click on the link below and follow the steps to get yours done today!

Free Cat Food (Purina)

Treat your furry friend with a FREE sample of Crunchy & Tender cat food. Simply fill in your details in the link below to claim your sample.

Free Chelsea vs Liverpool tickets

TeamFA have teamed up with Bet Victor to give out a pair of tickets to watch Chelsea vs Liverpool on the 31st of January for FREE! For your chance to win, follow @TeamFA and retweet the tweet in the link below. Good luck!

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Latest from the blog

5 fun things to do this weekend, whatever the weather
If you’re wondering what to do with yourself this weekend, we've thought of 5 fun ideas that are perfect whatever the weather. Pretend you’re a tourist Pretending to be a tourist is a fun and very cheap way to spend a weekend. You’ll be surprised at all of the museums, parks, historic monuments and curiosities you can discover when you see your home town through the eyes of a tourist. Start planning! Host a movie marathon A movie day is the perfect way to de-stress after a long and gruelling week. Get everyone in the household to pick a film and snuggle up for a day of action, romance or comedy. Why not whip up some delicious home-made popcorn as a special extra treat, too? Rent or borrow a bike You may already have your own bike, but if not see if you can borrow one from a neighbour or hire one out cheaply. Plan a route and go out with the whole family and explore. Make sure you pack a picnic and take a camera along, too. Head to a car boot sale There are some brilliant car boot sales all over the country, and you can find one close to you with just a little research on the internet. You could get some things together to sell, or just pop along for a browse and bargain hunt. Host a games night Everyone is pretty skint at this time of year and could do with a bit of cheering up, so why not host a fun games night? Dig out the playing cards and old board games and invite your friends and family over. It’s sure to be a riot! Do you have any other fun and cheap ideas for the weekend? If so, don’t keep them to yourself. Let us know by commenting below!
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5 Ways to Save on Valentine's Day
February the 14th is a day of love and romance, and for some, a shed load of spending, too. If your bank balance isn’t looking up to an expensive Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together 5 cheap ideas to make your beloved feel like a million dollars. 1. Love tokens Ok, so we may or may not have stolen this idea from Joey from Friends, but love vouchers are actually a really good idea. Whether you promise to make dinner for a whole week, wash up for a whole month or give foot massages on demand, it’s a great way to do something really nice for your partner. 2. Organise a surprise day out A surprise day out is really thoughtful, and can be done on a meagre budget. There are lots of places to go for free such as taking a romantic walk in the countryside or visiting a gallery or aquarium. 3. Make breakfast in bed Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impact, and breakfast in bed is always going to score you Brownie points. Who knew boiled eggs and soldiers could be so romantic? 4. Prepare a three-course meal Restaurants can be super expensive on Valentine’s Day (and a tad cheesy) so why not dine in at home? Set yourself a budget and prepare a delicious meal yourself for just a few pounds. If you’re set on going out, find some money saving vouchers and save some cash that way. 5. Buy them a gift they really want Before you buy a big bouquet of flowers or some over-priced chocolates, think about what your loved one actually really wants. Maybe they’d prefer a manicure or a new CD of their favourite band? Try and do some digging a few weeks before so you don’t waste money unnecessarily. Do you have any more cheap but romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day? Let us know how you plan on spending the day by commenting below or tweeting us @freebiesworlduk.
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7 CRAZY Chinese New Year superstitions
January the 31st marks Chinese New Year, a holiday that runs until the 15th of February and is a time full of superstition and tradition. Here are 7 of the most unusual that are thought to get the year off to the best start...   Settle outstanding debts It’s considered good fortune to start the New Year with all of your debts settled. It’s also strongly discouraged to lend money during this time. Don’t wear black Black is considered an inappropriate shade to wear during the holiday. However, red or bright colours are considered to be very lucky. Don’t wash your hair Washing the hair is considered to wash away luck, so many try and avoid it where possible. Avoid using sharp objects Using sharp objects is avoided on the first day of the New Year. It’s thought to resemble cutting away good fortune and luck. Give a pair of Mandarin oranges Oranges are thought to bring prosperity and good luck and are often given in pairs to observe the rule that ‘good things come in pairs’. Don’t sweep up Sweeping the home is avoided on the first day of the New Year as it’s thought to send away good luck. Replace broken crockery Chipped crockery is replaced before New Year and anything broken is thrown away. Out with the old, and in with the new!   Have any of these superstitions surprised you, or do you think we’ve missed off some really wacky ones? Let us know how you’ll be spending Chinese New Year by commenting below or tweeting us @freebiesworlduk.
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