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5 fun things to do this weekend, whatever the weather

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If you’re wondering what to do with yourself this weekend, we’ve thought of 5 fun ideas that are perfect whatever the weather. Pretend you’re a tourist Pretending to be a tourist is a fun and very cheap way to spend …

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5 Ways to Save on Valentine’s Day

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February the 14th is a day of love and romance, and for some, a shed load of spending, too. If your bank balance isn’t looking up to an expensive Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together 5 cheap ideas to make your …

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7 CRAZY Chinese New Year superstitions

chinese, new, year, ideas, superstitions, luck, wealth, red, dragon, crazy, celebration

January the 31st marks Chinese New Year, a holiday that runs until the 15th of February and is a time full of superstition and tradition. Here are 7 of the most unusual that are thought to get the year off …

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3 Healthy but Hearty Recipe Ideas

quesadillas, recipe, healthy, hearty

Chicken and spring greens This healthy and hearty dish is cheap to make, tastes delicious and makes you feel all warm inside. It’s the perfect comfort food on a cold winter’s day.           Ingredients • 1 …

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How To Host Burns Night On A Budget (25th Jan)

burns night, celebration, scotland

Christmas may be over but there’s plenty more to celebrate, including Burns Night on the 25th of January. This typically Scottish occasion marks the birthday of poet, Robert Burns and has been a tradition since the 1800’s. Whether you throw …

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Holiday Guide: Top 7 Places To Go For Winter Sun

sunshine, holidays, countries, idyllic

A sure-fire way to beat the January blues is to book a holiday where sunshine and fun is guaranteed (and freezing temperatures are but a distant memory). We took a look into the top 10 budget-friendly getaways. Lanzarote Lanzarote is …

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7 Fun & Frugal Ways To Entertain The Kids

kids, family, entertain, cheap

We’re all feeling a little squeezed for cash this month and keeping the kids entertained, when you’re trying to save, can be a challenge. But, with a little creative thinking, you can have a whale of a time without spending …

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10 Upliftingly Positive Quotes

quotes, positive, happy

Suffering from the January Blues? Before you crawl back under the blanket and open the last of the Christmas chocolates, take a look at our favourite uplifting quotes. They’ll get you feeling sunny-side up in no time. 1. “You are …

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Freebies Galore: Why Companies Like Giving Away Freebies

infographic, free, samples, freebies world

Everyone loves a good freebie so we thought it would be a good idea to explain just why companies love to give away free samples, free products and more!

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10 Amazing Uses For Vinegar

vinegar, alternative, uses, cleaning

Thought vinegar was just for dressing chips? Think again. This kitchen cupboard essential can do so much more. Read on to find out… 1. Remove price tags or stickers Removing price tags and stickers can sometimes be a tricky task. …

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