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7 CRAZY Chinese New Year superstitions

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January the 31st marks Chinese New Year, a holiday that runs until the 15th of February and is a time full of superstition and tradition. Here are 7 of the most unusual that are thought to get the year off to the best start…


Settle outstanding debts
It’s considered good fortune to start the New Year with all of your debts settled. It’s also strongly discouraged to lend money during this time.

Don’t wear black
Black is considered an inappropriate shade to wear during the holiday. However, red or bright colours are considered to be very lucky.

Don’t wash your hair
Washing the hair is considered to wash away luck, so many try and avoid it where possible.

Avoid using sharp objects
Using sharp objects is avoided on the first day of the New Year. It’s thought to resemble cutting away good fortune and luck.

Give a pair of Mandarin oranges
Oranges are thought to bring prosperity and good luck and are often given in pairs to observe the rule that ‘good things come in pairs’.

Don’t sweep up
Sweeping the home is avoided on the first day of the New Year as it’s thought to send away good luck.

Replace broken crockery
Chipped crockery is replaced before New Year and anything broken is thrown away. Out with the old, and in with the new!


Have any of these superstitions surprised you, or do you think we’ve missed off some really wacky ones? Let us know how you’ll be spending Chinese New Year by commenting below or tweeting us @freebiesworlduk.

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