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If your best friend has four legs, a waggly tail and furry ears then you're in the right place! You'll find all the best pets freebies below as our freebie hunters are looking for ways to spoil your pampered pet with everything from free toys, food and special treats. So forget expensive treats- be sure to check out our free stuff first!

Free Dog Food worth up to £54 (Tails)

Want to treat your pup with something new? Why not join Tails' trial and receive 4 weeks worth of dog food worth up to £54 for FREE? Just pay £1 postage. A good deal if you asked me. Click on the link below to get started!

Free Puppy Food (Happy Dog UK)

Happy Dog UK are giving out FREE Puppy Packs to make sure your pup has a healthy diet. They have specific packs that is suitable for all pups. Make sure you use the code HD127P to get a free sample.

Free Dog Food Worth £27 (Tails)

Treat your furry friend with Tails' FREE 2 week trial of tailor made dog food (Worth £27) and also get a FREE £40 off a dog-friendly break (just pay £1 P&P). You can cancel at any time. Don't miss out!

Free Dog Food (Little Chompers)

Little Chompers wants your pup to try out their tasty treat! Just click on the link below and email them the necessary details. It's FREE!

Free Dog Food (Harrison Drake)

If you're interested in trying Harrison Drake pet food, but have a fussy pooch, why not get in touch with Harrison Drake for a FREE sample! Their grain free, hypoallergenic dog food is a vet approved, very gentle formula, making it ideal for all dogs, and especially for dogs with allergies or sensitive tummies.

Free Cat Food (Royal Canin)

Royal Canin are giving out 400g of its Royal Canin Feline Range Cat Food for FREE! To claim this freebie, just click on the link below and fill out the form.

Free Cat Food (Purina)

Treat your furry friend with a FREE sample of Crunchy & Tender cat food. Simply fill in your details in the link below to claim your sample.

Free Workshop (Pets at Home)

Find FREE workshops for you and your children at your local Pets at Home store. Their workshops help teach children how rewarding pets can be and how to care for them. They also offer a fun filled set of activities that include products and pets for a hands on approach to pet care.

Free 1kg Dog Food (Happy Dog)

Want a FREE 1kg of Happy Dog ? Simply print out the voucher in the link below and take it to your local Pet shop / Happy Dog stockist.

Free Pet Food (Four Friends)

Treat your furry friend with some premium quality aloe vera dog food with Four Friends for FREE! Simply fill in the form, with your address and pet type, age and size and they will send you a sample.

Free Pet Food (Trophy Pet Foods)

Trophy Pet Foods are giving away FREE Dog & Cat Trophy complete pet food samples on their site with up to 3 samples per households (If you have more than 1 pet). Click on the link below and follow the instructions to claim yours!

Free Dog Treat Box (Top Collar)

A freebie for our furry friends? Top Collar has one! Just log in your Facebook, comment a photo of your pooch in the link below to get a FREE Sunday Roast Treat Box!

Free Dog Shampoo (B.one)

Treat your pup with a luxury perfumed dog shampoo for FREE with B.One! Request your free sample by clicking the link below. You won't be disappointed!

Free Dog Oral Care (Purina Dentalife)

Purina DentaLife is an innovative daily chew that cleans whilst your dog chews, for healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath. Scientifically proven to help scrub even those hard-to-reach back teeth and mechanically scrub right to the gum line, your dog will thank you for not only giving him or her a great daily oral care routine, but for providing a tasty chew as well. Get one for FREE by clicking the link below and sign up for your chance to win.

Free Microchipping for Dogs

Want to ensure that your dog is always safe when he's out? Dogs For Trust are offering microchipping for FREE! The microchip is the size of a small rice grain that will be inserted under your dog's skin. Each microchip has a unique number that can be be read by a scanner. Click on the link below to make an appointment.

Free Pet Food (Fish4Dogs)

We're sure your pets will love Fish4Dogs. But if you'd like to make sure before you make an order, these samples are available. These 15g & 75g Sample bags will give you a chance to try before you commit to a larger bag. Try five free samples from Fish4Dogs, once you've exceeded your limit samples are priced at 50p each, to cover P&P.

Free Sample of HealthyDog Food

HealthyDog provide hyper-allergenic complete dog food that's full of nutrients and they're giving away samples. All you have to do is call the number on their website page or email them your postal address (sales@doghealth.co.uk).

Free Dog & Cat Food

Why not see if your pets like their food before you buy a big bag of it? Trophy Pet Foods are giving pet food samples away. Simply fill in your postal details and wait to receive your sample!

Free Dog Food with Baker

Request a free sample of Bakers' latest dog food -As Good as it Looks. They believe every dog deserves to try it, so to make it possible,they are giving away a 280g sample pot (1-2 portions depending on size of dog). Just give them your postal address!

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